Meet Glen Haven Baptist Church

Over the last several months we’ve been sharing posts with you about our wonderful church partners! See the most recent post here.

Today we want to share about the ministry of Glen Haven Baptist Church in McDonough. You can check out their website here.

Our support team coordinator, Tammy, shared a personal story with us about fostering through Faithbridge eight years ago.

“At that time, there were not any churches to be a part of our support system in Henry County. I think that experience was eye opening for us because you realize how much having support within your church community makes a difference. We were fortunate with family and neighbors that really began to create our own community of care once we started the foster process. Our Faithbridge support and guidance was an amazing experience even during some hard parts of the journey.”

Several of our church partnerships have been launched by Faithbridge families who recognized the need in their community. Glen Haven’s ministry was started to support a need in the community but sometimes our church partners launch before the need has been expressed.

“At Glen Haven, we believe that foster families are missionaries in their own community, and that churches can be the hands and feet of Christ to many children and families who have no voice.” Says Tammy.

They hope to impact and support foster families and children and that the ministry will grow with the same (or more) momentum than they started with as the pandemic dissipates. They encourage other churches to know that offering support is often enough to make those families that are considering fostering take that next step.

We hope this inspires you to ask God how you can be involved with a church partner!