What is a Foster Care Ministry?

FaithBridge believes that the church is the solution to the foster care crisis.

The church is a ready-made community focused on sharing Christ. Churches are eager to help families and their children in their time of need but aren’t fully equipped to handle all of the specific challenges and needs that a foster care ministry brings. That’s where FaithBridge comes in.

FaithBridge works with churches to build foster care ministries where people are invited to participate. Working with each partner, we train and license foster and respite families. Working with the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) we place children in these homes. We wrap around each foster family, providing a Foster Family Consultant and guidance and training along the way. We wrap around each church partner with support, coaching and expertise. Each family is encouraged to build their Community of Care®  – the people in their lives who will support, nurture, pray for, and provide for them on their foster care journey.

Providing this kind of support encourages good, stable families to become foster families.

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