Meet Christ Place Church

We recently started sharing posts with you about our wonderful church partners! See the most recent post here.

Today we want to share about the ministry of Christ Place Church, located in Flowery Branch, GA. You can learn more about the church here. We were able to attend a recent missions event and captured some great images that we are sharing with you today. They have an established foster care ministry and have regular events like picnics (see pic) and an annual Christmas event.

We asked Christ Place Church a few questions about the decision to partner with FaithBridge and are sharing the answers with you below:

What led your church to start a foster care ministry?
As we watched multiple families who had already begun fostering or adopting and continued to pray through James 1:27, along with other scripture, we realized there was a great need to begin to create a more organized way to minister to our families who were already answering the call to care for children in foster care.

We also saw very clearly how important it is for all those who follow Christ to have an opportunity to be able to have on-ramps to care for vulnerable children with their spiritual gifts, talents and abilities even if they can’t care for them 24/7 in their own homes.

What are your hopes for this ministry?
We hope to be able to support all the families here at Christ Place who feel called to foster or adopt.  We also hope to be able to support any family in our community who feels called to foster and doesn’t have a local support system. We pray that through our Foster Care & Adoption Ministry we can reach out to our local DFCS offices and minister to them as well.

Is there anything you’d like other churches who are considering a foster care ministry to know?
You don’t have to have all the answers to begin a foster care ministry, just start! Reach out to any church who currently has a foster care and/or adoption ministry and they’ll be happy to help you. You don’t even need to have a foster or adoptive family in your congregation. I promise there are some in your community or at a church around the corner that you could do something as easy as pray for them & before you know it, you’ve started a ministry!

We hope this inspires you to ask God how you can minister to foster children and families as an individual and as a church!