Meet Mt. Pleasant Church

We recently started sharing posts with you about our wonderful church partners! See the previous post here.

Today we want to share about the ministry of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, located in Carrollton, GA. You can learn more about the church here.

They call their volunteers “The Mt. Pleasant Hands and Feet” foster care volunteer team and you can see a post about it on their Instagram page here.

If you are uncertain about recruiting a team for a ministry at your church then please know that FaithBridge provides resources just like this for marketing purposes to all of our church partners. We even have a page on our website that provides resources for churches to help better share about foster care ministry. Check it out here. Some churches re-share our posts from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram on their church accounts. We also send specific videos and other resources to our churches throughout the year.

We asked Mount Pleasant a few questions about the decision to partner with FaithBridge and are sharing the answers with you below:

What led your church to start a foster care ministry?
A felt call by God to be involved in foster care. Once we got involved, we realized what a ministry it was and how we could share Jesus and his love with so many different people. With knowledge of the Community of CareĀ® model that Faithbridge had created, they challenged our church to be a part of the foster care ministry, and the Lord made it very clear that he had this desire for our church as well.

What are your hopes for this ministry?
We want to support foster care families in our community, and be the hands and feet of Jesus to these families and the children in their homes. We also have a desire to continue to challenge others to be a part of the foster care community at whatever capacity the Lord is calling them.

Is there anything you’d like other churches who are considering a foster care ministry to know?
It’s easy and you can make it your own to fit your church and the volunteers you have available.

Please remember church partners in your prayers and pray for the staff at FaithBridge Foster Care to support them well!