Church Partner Blog Series: Meet City Church

Last week we shared a post with you about one of our church partners, and we are excited to regularly feature some of these partners on our blog. Churches can decide they want to launch a foster care ministry before they even have a foster family in their church, and we have new partnerships form throughout the year. Learn more about that here.

Today we are featuring City Church, located in Alpharetta, GA. They launched their partnership with us at the end of February! You can learn about their mission to serve foster children and orphans here.

We asked them a few questions about the decision to partner with FaithBridge and are sharing the answers with you below:

What led your church to start a foster care ministry?
God calls everyone to care for the orphans and widows. The foster crisis in Georgia is overwhelming and heartbreaking. If every Christian could contribute in some way, more kids could be exposed to Christ and a God-centered home. One exposure to Christ is all it could take to change a child’s life. City Church is a church that serves through its community, and our partnership with FaithBridge is a crucial way to help the foster crisis.

What are your hopes for this ministry?
Our hope for this ministry is that more families see how impactful foster care can be and follow God’s call to serve. With your community surrounding and helping you, the call to help foster kids doesn’t have to be scary or full of unknowns. We would love to see the stigma of hosting foster kids become a feeling of the past and families embrace the challenge to open their homes to those in need.

Is there anything you’d like other churches who are considering a foster care ministry to know?
It’s critical to build a foster care ministry with someone who has deep expertise in the space. We have found that support and love through FaithBridge. They have been an excellent partner with a strong mission statement, they truly go the extra mile to care for their church communities. Their approach to building a network within the church to support and uplift foster/respite families is a smart, scalable way to run this ministry. You don’t have to go into this alone, FaithBridge will guide you every step of the way.

Please join us in praying for City Church and this new ministry! Pray for the volunteers and staff who help coordinate it and for the families who are interested in fostering.