Church Spotlight: North Point Community Church

North Point Community Church has been a FaithBridge church partner since our earliest days. Together we have served more than 286 foster children in FaithBridge foster homes since 2009. 

Through the years, North Point’s Fostering Together ministry has developed into a robust program that continues to innovate, advocate, and serve children in foster care and their families in powerful ways. 

Susan Phelps leads the ministry for the North Point Community Church campus. She has seen God work in the lives of foster families, the children in their care, their mentors, and other volunteers. 

“One memorable moment in 2021 was when the Fostering Together community stepped into action in the spring when a teen in one of our homes needed a laptop for school,Says Susan. “Her foster parents had not yet told anyone of this need when someone reached out to me to see if there was a foster child who needed a laptop. I thought of the Flowers family, and they were so grateful for the generosity!” God unmistakably orchestrated this moment to show how He provides for all of our needs.

As the world started to meet in person again in 2021, Fostering Together developed new resources and efforts to continue to help equip foster parents. They introduced “Fuel,” a monthly in-person gathering intended to encourage, engage, and equip participants in their adoption or foster care journey. They have featured special speakers intended to provide for the needs of foster families in a “COVID world” including a child psychologist and a former DFCS County Office Director. 

Their innovation, along with an extensive list of resources including meal programs, mentors, and respite, has made North Point’s Fostering Together a truly successful ministry.