Hope for a Family – Meet Jeremy and Linda

Jeremy and Linda* have been FaithBridge foster parents since 2018. Shortly after they were licensed they welcomed four-year-old John* into their home and almost one year later, three-year-old Nicholas* joined the family and was eventually adopted. Their lives were forever changed. 

While 2020 was a year to remember for many reasons, it presented acute challenges to Jeremy and Linda, both healthcare workers, who had to accommodate both of the boys in virtual school as well as care for a newborn. 

“This past year, we have seen our kids become more reliant and trusting in God’s power and presence. We have seen them deal with disappointments and challenges with so much more maturity than their years. We’ve seen God’s hand in working through school and behavioral challenges in the way he’s brought the right people to us at the right time,” says Linda.

Ultimately, it’s about putting their hope in God. “We carry our worries to Jesus and he carries it all for us and we’re teaching the boys to do the same — knowing there are no answers to some questions, but trusting in His perfect plan.” 

They are thrilled that in spring 2021, they officially became John’s forever family. 

*Names have been changed, and photos have been altered, to protect the identities of the children we serve.