Opened Eyes and Hearts – Meet the Calhouns

FaithBridge foster parent, Stacey Calhoun has learned that you can’t do it by yourself. “It takes a village and teamwork. First it takes trust and faith in God, because he is your true source of strength. It takes support from your spouse and family. I also learned how important it is to ask for help when you need it and how important the Community of Care is.” 

In 2014, David Calhoun felt a nudge from God to foster and they started their journey. They are part of the Called to Care foster care ministry at church partner, Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church. They have fostered a sibling group of two boys.

God has shown up in powerful ways – not the least of which was when the Meyerowitz family offered, on short notice, to do respite for them when they needed to be out of town unexpectedly.

“We also saw God with all of the meals we received and people providing for the boys’ needs, such as clothing, and bedding because we had the room set up for girls! God always provides what we need – including the helpful advice we get from our FaithBridge family consultant.” 

According to Stacey – fostering is hard, but it is worth it and it takes help from others as well as reliance on God. Not everyone is called to foster, but everyone can help in some way or another, and even the ways that may seem small to them can make a difference.

Before fostering, we were a family of six who lived in a bubble. Now we see what a need there is to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves to where God is calling us.