Meet Elizabeth: Foster Family Consultant

Elizabeth Lupo moved to Georgia from Michigan in 2017 to join the FaithBridge Foster Family Consultant team and hasn’t looked back. She came equipped with a Master’s in Social Work with a focus in Child, Youth, and Family Welfare. As part of her Master’s she completed a year-long practicum in a school setting and worked as a school social worker.

“My favorite part about my job is having the privilege of seeing God work in and through people to change lives,” says Elizabeth. “It is beyond inspiring to witness foster parents stretch themselves to surrender to God’s call to love the children placed in their home and then to see them pour that same encouragement and support into the birth parents even when it is difficult.”

“It is truly a miracle to see the effects the foster parents’ obedience in doing these things can have to transform the birth parents and heal the trauma the kids have experienced. It is indescribably rewarding to see children come to life as their needs are met and see birth parents learn and grow.”

Elizabeth was drawn to FaithBridge because she believes that the church can be the answer to the foster care crisis. “As Christians I believe we all have a role to play in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our society. While everyone may not have the ability to foster, we all have the ability to do something to help.” She explains. “I love that FaithBridge assists in mobilizing churches to better support those who are fostering.”

When asked what surprised her most about her role her answer was quick. “Every day in this role is so much of a surprise that nothing really should be a surprise at this point! I have celebrated reunification with birth parents who seemed to have nope of having their children back and seen children meet milestones that appeared would never come. The healing, joy, and transformations in unexpected places makes everything worth it!”

Elizabeth’s faith is the motivation for everything she does at FaithBridge. “I believe worship and justice are two sides of the same coin, meaning that meeting the needs of those hurting and broken is inherently intertwined with our faith. I believe that God is inviting all of us into His story to care for His children and proclaim the truth that healing and freedom are possible.”


When she and her husband Tim are not at work they are exploring the world. Literally. That could be a day hike in the north Georgia mountains or traveling thousands of miles in search of their next great adventure. “On our three most recent ‘big’ trips, you could have found us snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, hiking on a glacier in Alaska, or learning to surf in Hawaii.” On Sundays you can find them at Passion City Church where Elizabeth is involved in facilitating the church’s engagement with the city.