Meet Lukas*

Lukas loves dinosaurs, alligators and Ninja Turtles (Raphael is his favorite). But he doesn’t love pizza or spaghetti. Like most 7 year olds he love to play outside. His dreams for the future, though, aren’t like most 7 year olds. He dreams of having his family together again.

Lukas and his brother Liam were placed in foster care due to their biological parents’ substance abuse, neglect and incarceration. Initially they were placed in separate homes but after a few months, Liam joined his brother, which has helped both boys tremendously.

Their FaithBridge foster family loves them and is working with their mom in hopes of reunification. Lukas and Liam’s biological mom calls every night and reads a story to them. She reinforces things their foster mom has put in place, encourages them to do well in school. and is focused on working her case plan.

“When the case manager and I do our home visits, Lukas always wants us to draw some type of animals,” said their FaithBridge foster family consultant. “Last month it was a turtle and this month it was dinosaurs and ninja turtles. It has now become a competition to see who can draw the best. Lukas will keep his pictures and always remembers to ask for paper and get his drawing books when we come to visit.

“The foster mom and bio mom have a wonderful working relationship while the mother is in rehab and working towards reunification. The boys’ community is also coming together to make their stay in foster care easier, and the boys are doing very well as a result.”

There are THOUSANDS of children just like Lukas in Georgia’s foster care system who just need a foster family to show them love so they can thrive and grow. Are you one of those families?

*At FaithBridge, we respect the children and families we serve. So while their stories are true, names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy.