Meet Morgan and Maddie*

At times, Morgan and Maddie* only had a loaf of bread to eat. Sometimes they didn’t even have that. They only ate when their mother could afford it. For too many days to count, school breakfast and lunch was the only food they had – when they attended school.

Eventually, due to neglect, the sisters were placed into foster care with a FaithBridge foster family. At first they hoarded food. They weren’t confident in themselves and whenever they were corrected they thought they were stupid or unworthy of love and affection.

Their FaithBridge foster family poured unconditional love and time into them, though. Slowly but surely the girls began to grow and thrive.

Today, you would never dream that these two happy little girls were once so different. Morgan is in chorus and likes to sing and dance. Maddie is confident and reaches out to make friends in class. Both girls are improving in school and happy.

Their lives may have been very different without the hope, healing and unconditional love provided by their FaithBridge foster family.

There are THOUSANDS of children just like Morgan and Maddie in Georgia’s foster care system. How is God calling you to help them?

*At FaithBridge, we respect the children and families we serve. So while their stories are true, names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy.