Meet Lindsey, our Training Content Manager

Spend a few minutes with Lindsey Martin and you’ll quickly see how deeply she cares for vulnerable children.

“I don’t know anything that would be more important than taking care of children who don’t have safe homes. In my mind, there is no greater need or job or calling,” Lindsey said. “Children are unable to care for themselves and they depend on adults to make sure they survive. When the adults that are intended to fill that role cant, someone has to step up and step in.”

Lindsey always knew social work was the right career path for her and obtained her bachelors and masters in social work. She is a licensed clinical social worker and, before she came to FaithBridge, worked in private practice as a counselor for families and children. She and her husband Zac, a worship leader at Celebration Church (a FaithBridge partner church), have also worked at an orphanage in Brazil.

“One of my favorite parts of my job as FaithBridge’s training content manager is meeting and getting to know families at Foundations trainings,” Lindsey said. “These families are beginning their foster care journey and have taken the step to say ‘I want to understand the world of foster care more, and be a part of the solution by opening up my home to a child.’ I LOVE training these weekends because it gives me so much hope for these kiddos every time I see new families saying yes to fostering!”

Like others on our team, Lindsey also has a dream for FaithBridge.

“I want to see the excellence in practice and in licensing families replicated across our country,” she said. “The FaithBridge partnership with churches is what allows families to foster longer – and with more support. I also dream of a day when there are more foster families available then children in need.

“My husband Zac is very supportive of my big dreams for the world. He is the one who makes sure I get things done, because he is practical and thoughtful.”

As a mom of two children, 9-year-old Rylie and 2-year-old Merideth, Lindsey’s heart goes out to all children who don’t have safe, loving families.

“Foster care is a beautiful mess. It is a mission field, where you are on the front lines 24/7. You must view it as a mission and a calling where you are going to be uncomfortable and you will change your world to allow God’s children and their families into it. The sacrifices you will make for these children will give you a small glimpse of the sacrifices that Jesus made for us. Foster care is Jesus work,” she said.

“I’ve always felt that social work was a way for me to live my faith in my career. Being a part of a faith-based nonprofit as a social worker is like the trifecta! I feel so honored to work in my field and use my faith every day. Every day, I see my faith growing when I get to work alongside and learn from other Christians with the same vision for foster care.”