Meet Kelvin, our Director of Finance

If it’s dollars and cents you want to know about, Kelvin Stewart is the person to ask. He manages all financial aspects of FaithBridge and has been doing that for us since 2012.

From an early age, Kelvin knew he wanted to be involved in business and that he had an acumen for numbers. A career in the financial world seemed to be a natural fit.

As FaithBridge’s Director of Finance, Kelvin’s favorite part of his job is knowing that what he does contributes in a small way to foster children coming to know the love of Jesus.

“In fact, my dream for foster care and for FaithBridge is that all families are healed so that there are zero foster children [in the system] and I need to apply my skills elsewhere,” Kelvin said.

“I also want people to know that that everyone can contribute to foster care. Whether it’s giving time and helping a foster family with something they need to do, giving supplies, volunteering at their church’s foster care ministry, giving money – there are many ways to help.”

Kelvin calls the Georgia foothills north of Atlanta home and attends Jasper United Methodist Church. Kelvin has four boys who keep him busy playing sports, watching football and cheering for the Georgia Bulldogs.