Meet Aubrey and Allie*

Home didn’t always mean a safe, loving place for these two little girls. As an infant, Allie ended up in the emergency room with seizures and was diagnosed with a severe traumatic brain injury. She wasn’t expected to make a full recovery and spent almost a month in the hospital.

Due to allegations of physical abuse by their biological mom, the sisters were placed with a FaithBridge foster family. Along with Allie’s brain injury, her sister Aubrey also had speech deficiencies and began speech therapy.

Today, watching them run and play in their foster home, you would never image the struggles they’ve had. Aubrey is now speaking on par with her chronological age and is a happy, delightful child who loves to engage with her caregivers.

Allie is a true miracle child. After receiving a year of rehabilitative therapy, she made a full recovery and is developmentally on target for her chronological age. She loves running around her foster home, smiling and eating strawberries. Her FaithBridge foster care consultant says she is an absolute delight to all those around her.

For these two little girls, the future is still full of questions. Their foster parents have encouraged their biological mom throughout the process and are hopeful that she will be rehabilitated and eventually reunited with her daughters.

There are thousands of other children like Aubrey and Allie in Georgia’s foster care system. They too would grow and thrive in a safe, loving environment. Consider becoming a foster parent and changing a child’s life!

*At FaithBridge, we respect the children and families we serve. So while their stories are true, names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy.