Together Georgia Day

Every year FaithBridge participates in Together Georgia day at the State Capital. Sponsored by Together Georgia (formerly the Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children) the event brings members organizations together to help educate representatives about children and family issues.

“At this year’s event on January 30th, we were able to speak to some of our state representatives and help make them aware of what we do and the impact we’re having on Georgia’s foster care system,” said Chuck Campbell, director of Community of Care. “We also shared with them the importance of the upcoming bills and acts concerning foster care and adoption.”

One of those is the per diem rate increase for private foster parents. Last year, FaithBridge worked diligently to help have the $5 rate increase put info effect for all foster families, public and private.

Our President Bob Bruder-Mattson and other representatives from private agencies spent hours with Georgia’s house and senate. They went through an extensive advocacy process to add an increase for private agencies, including Bob and FaithBridge Foster Parent Nicole Barlow testifying in front of the House Human Services Subcommittee. It worked and the rate went into effect July 1, 2017.

This year, we will again work to help ensure families with private foster care organizations get another increase in their per diem payments.

“Our foster families do amazing work and we intend to make sure that state leaders know how important they are to Georgia’s foster children,” Bob said. “We are getting ready to advocate vigorously again for our families.”

We will be sending out more information in the near future on how you can help our efforts, so stay tuned.