Meet Shana, Home Study Manager

For years, Shana Eller and her husband heard about foster care but never thought the time was right. Then, one Sunday, their pastor talked about the number of children in their county in foster care.

“That afternoon we attended an information session as a family. We knew then that we could no longer ignore this nudge from the Holy Spirit and we began the process of becoming licensed through FaithBridge,” Shana said.

Shana remembers telling the woman who did their home study all those years ago that she wanted her job. Little did Shana know what God had in store.

“Fostering is not easy, BUT the Lord never promised us easy. It is a step of faith, a walk of obedience, a place of surrender and complete trust where you daily ask the Lord to give you what you need,” Shana said.

“Fostering is not meant to be done alone. You need the church and the Body of Christ surrounding you – praying for you and encouraging you on the journey. The FaithBridge Community of Care is a true picture of surrounding yourself with the people to walk you through.”

A little over a year ago, Shana began working for FaithBridge as a home study contractor. She knew God was doing something but wasn’t sure what. Then, the summer of 2017, Shana joined the staff as a full-time employee.

“I am at a season in my life where I want to work to make an eternal difference for the lives of those who I come into contact with and serving at FaithBridge is the place I need to be and know the Lord called me to,” Shana said. “I love getting to hear how the Lord has called people to serve in foster care, and then seeing how HE works once they are approved and have placements in their home.”

Shana and her husband Shane (yes, they are one letter apart) have a 19-year-old daughter attending Samford University and a 16-year-old son at the King’s Academy. They spent five years as FaithBridge foster parents before Shana joined the staff. They also teach an adult Sunday school class at First Baptist Woodstock and have for seven years. They are also involved in WeFoster, Engraved Orphan Ministry and Turnaround Children’s Ministries.

“My dream for FaithBridge is for God to enlarge our territory to make a great impact eternally,” she said. “I want to see us continue to align ourselves with more church partners. I want churches to see the need and the model FaithBridge offers with our Community of Care and for us to be able to make a greater impact across the state of Georgia and eventually into other states to share with each child the hope, healing and unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

“God’s word is clear on our role to care for the orphans – there is no greater place to be than in God’s will.”