Meet Katrina, our Director of Training

Katrina Campbell’s been providing training for FaithBridge foster families since 2009. Even after all that time, she’s still moved to tears by what the Lord reveals to His people through training.

“Watching God’s people answer the call to help children in their community by fostering is an overwhelming witness,” she said. “Being a part of helping them learn more about what is necessary to nurture children coming from hard places and replacing fear with faith that Christ will equip them with what He calls them to do is rewarding. They share at the end of training that they understand why the Lord calls them to this mission of foster care.”

As FaithBridge’s director of training, Katrina manages our foundations and advanced foster family trainings as well as oversees the training teams. In addition, she and her husband Chuck, our director of community of care, became foster parents in 2010.

“Foster care is important to me because what is important to God is important to me and ‘the least of these’ are the heart of the Lord. Innocent children deserved to be loved when their family is not able to focus on them,” she said. “We decided to foster because not only did we want to be a part of the ministry by working with FaithBridge, but we also wanted to literally contribute by serving in the work in whatever capacity was needed such as respiting, transporting, babysitting and encouragement to other foster families.”

Her love for foster care carries over to her church as well. She leads the foster care ministry at Liberty Church, serves as the director of women’s ministry, and is on the pastoral care team.

“Foster care grows your faith beyond what you could ever fathom,” Katrina said. “It teaches us to focus on the heart of the matter instead of surface behaviors and circumstances. So many times we think we can’t do it, but children don’t have that choice in decisions. They have to endure the circumstance no matter how they feel. Our selfless act of joining them in the most vulnerable place enables them to make it to the other side with hope.”

For Katrina, she has big dreams for FaithBridge.

“When God’s people solve the need because every call is answered with available homes for every child and children experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, we will know our mission is accomplished!” she said.

“Personally, I have listened to children share what a loving environment has done for them and it tenderizes your heart even in their hard times of missing their families. It is hard work, but it is changing the futures of children when they experience the peace and love of God in a time in their lives they have no control over.”

When she’s not working, serving in ministry, spending time with Chuck or with their grown children, Katrina loves being adventurous.

“I believe Jesus uses that gift placed in me to use it in a metaphorical way spiritually,” she said. “Whether I jump out of a plane, scuba dive deep under the sea, zip line along treetops, jump off of cliffs, accomplish a sprint triathlon, go on mission trips into unknown domain, that is what my Heavenly Father wants me to experience with Him if I just go for it.”