Meet Conner*

This little guy has overcome a lot in his young life. Conner entered foster care as a newborn and was clinically diagnosed with Failure to Thrive. His biological father is unknown and his biological mother has significant mental health issues as well as other issues.

Being placed with a safe, loving FaithBridge foster family has changed Conner’s whole world. Despite his Failure to Thrive diagnosis, Conner has averaged between the 50 and 70 percent percentile for height and weight since he was six months old.

According to his FaithBridge foster consultant, he is the sweetest, happiest baby and is completely adored by his foster parents and the FaithBridge Community of Care at his church.

Conner loves spending time with his foster parents and likes smiling and waving at others. He also loves bananas and balloons, but doesn’t like being separated from his foster parents or getting dirty.

His biological mom plans to surrender her parental rights and DFCS will also seek termination of parental rights on his [unknown] biological father. Conner’s foster parents love him dearly and are eager to see him remain developmentally on target for his chronological age.

There are thousands of other children like Conner in Georgia’s foster care system. They too would grow and thrive in a safe, loving environment. Consider becoming a foster parent and changing a child’s life!

*At FaithBridge, we respect the children and families we serve. So while their stories are true, names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy.