Meet Chuck, our Director of Community of Care

If you’re familiar at all with FaithBridge, you’ve heard about our Community of Care. But you may not know much about the person working behind the scenes. Chuck Campbell is our director of Community of Care, and he manages church recruitment, church relations and provides guidance on how churches can build their Communities of Care [leadership bio].

He and his wife Katrina, who’s also part of FaithBridge’s team, have spent years in church ministry, mainly working with youth. Campbell is an active leader and member of Liberty Church’s pastoral team.

“When my wife and I got married we made a commitment to have a home church and serve in some capacity,” Campbell said. “The Lord has given me a gift and passion to relate to youth, to encourage and give them hope for their future regardless of their circumstances or obstacles.”

That same passion carries over to his work at FaithBridge.

“I want churches to know the difference they can make in the children and birth parents’ lives in their community. The mission field is in our backyard and it affects our own country,” he said. “I dream of the day when enough churches say ‘yes’ [to foster care], and there are more families than there are children in care.”

For Campbell, one of his favorite parts of his job is hearing stories about the positive changes in children because of being in loving homes.

“Also hearing about children in our foster homes being baptized makes me excited,” he said. “When foster parents share that one of the highlights [for the kids] is going to church, you realize the impact the church is making in shaping the lives of the children.”

And what about the role his faith plays in his work?

“I could not do my job without it! Warfare is real but the power of prayer overcomes obstacles we may face in this ministry,” he said.