Momentum Church: Going All In

Since partnering with FaithBridge in 2015, Momentum Church’s foster care ministry has grown to include four foster families, an active respite family and two other families in the approval process.

On top of that, Luke McGee, campus pastor of Momentum’s Eagle’s Landing campus in Stockbridge, became a FaithBridge Encounter and Volunteer Training leader.

“We have a few others on our team that are also trainers,” Luke said. “[Becoming a trainer] has allowed me to sit down with the majority of our staff and take them through the entire Encounter training and into part of the Foundations training. We wanted our church to see [foster care ministry] as something that was valuable to us from the top down.”

Luke has led Momentum’s foster care ministry from the beginning. Foster care and adoption are topics near to his heart, as he and his wife have two adopted children of their own.

“One of the big things we celebrate here at Momentum is that we see foster care becoming normalized,” he said. “People are realizing that foster kids aren’t mysterious and potentially threatening people. They’re just kids. Kids with friendly faces. Kids who are kind and friends with their kids.

“Sure, fostering can be painful at times, especially with the degree of attachment parents have. But that doesn’t mean it’s not honoring and pleasing to God and for our benefit. Even in the difficult times, fostering shows how faithful and good God is.”

Momentum has incorporated its foster care ministry into the fabric of the church, even including the families in their recent child dedication.

“That Sunday we took a few minutes to acknowledge our foster families and their foster children,” Luke said. “Fostering is different in some ways, but it’s also the same – as long as that child is in your home, it’s the same calling.”

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