Meet Rowan*

Nine-year-old Rowan is the “numbers guy”. He enjoys math but even he can’t count the number of tears he and his little brother cried after their mother committed suicide – while they were in the house.

As if that were not traumatic enough, Rowan and his brother were in the car with their father when he was pulled over. The boys were sitting in the back seat – dirty and surrounded by drug paraphernalia. Their father was taken to jail, and Rowan and his brother were placed in a safe home.

Even at nine, Rowan prays for his family daily. His grandmother wants to take the boys. She is not a biological relative to both, but wants them to stay together and is willing to adopt them. However, she lives out of state which complicates things, as does the fact that she is not legally related to both boys.

Please pray with us for this situation and for his grandmother to be approved to take them.

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*This profile is based on a real foster child that FaithBridge or one of its team members has served. However, name and details have been changed to protect the identity and safety of this child.