Adoption day!

When Caden was first placed with Jen and Joe Brown and their biological son, Jen told their foster family consultant Christine that they didn’t really want to adopt. It wasn’t part of their plan.

They spent the time after his placement going above and beyond with Caden’s biological mother, working with her in hopes of reunification. But halfway through the process, his biological mom gave up.

The Brown’s continued loving and caring for Caden, who had a past filled with substance abuse and severe neglect. Under their care, though, he began thriving – becoming the little boy God intended him to be.

God began working on their hearts, showing them a different path he wanted to them to take with Caden. Before long, they started the adoption process and 497 days after being placed in foster care, Caden officially became a Brown!

“Caden is a very sweet, smart and loving child. He loves MineCraft, wants to be a model, loves making friends, riding his bike, playing with his brother and much more,” said Christine. “He’s made incredible academic progress and has overcome many behavioral challenges through occupational therapy, which he still participates in. I’m so very happy and blessed to have been part of this journey!

“What a great way to end National Foster Care Month!!”