Meet Rachel*

Rachel and her sibling came into care because of neglect, inadequate housing and drug abuse. Her birth parents, sadly, do not seem to be making much progress on the plan that’s been set out for them to bring their children home. They are having a hard time securing steady jobs that would make it possible for them to find and maintain safe housing.

It’s no surprise that this generous and brilliant 10-year-old regularly makes the honor roll. Rachel’s big heart has the reputation of exploding in kindness. Her musical talents are expressed as her fingers dance on the keys of the piano. She also loves to cook.

Like many foster children, Rachel loves her foster parents but misses her biological family. She hopes to return home soon and keeps up the relationship with her mom and dad through weekly visits.

Please pray for children like Rachel and their biological families. Pray that God would grant parents the grace, strength and wisdom to do the work required to reunite their families, when possible.

*Name and details have been changed to protect the child’s privacy. The child pictured above is not an actual foster child but instead represents one of the approximately 400,000 children on any given day that are currently in care.