Meet Peter*

Peter’s story is one filled with tragedy, separation and crime…and none of it being his own doing. His father passed away while he was in foster care. He lives in a different home than his biological siblings. And his mom is struggling to resolve some criminal issues. Most don’t ever face such challenges, let alone at such a young age.

Through it all, Peter has grown into his own with an optimistic outlook. This young man has never met a stranger with his charismatic personality and hilarious sense of humor. He seeks to set a good example for his younger siblings, even though they live in different homes. He gave his heart to Christ while in foster care and routinely talks about Jesus with others.

Please pray for the faith of children like Peter, specifically praying that they continue to grow closer to the Lord and in love, grace and wisdom. Pray that they continue to seek and trust the God who is more powerful than all the sin that has entered their lives.

*Name and details have been changed to protect the child’s privacy. The child pictured above is not an actual foster child but instead represents one of the approximately 400,000 children on any given day that are currently in care.