Meet Kevin*

Kevin’s dad was never part of the picture. He grew up with his mom and grandfather. Unfortunately, while his mom was at work, he was sexually abused by his grandfather. When authorities became aware of the situation, Kevin was placed into foster care.

“He is a really good kid,” says his FaithBridge family consultant. He has a wonderful spirit about him and loves to ride his bicycle and play video games. Despite everything Kevin has endured, he continues to make strides in his healing through therapy and the love of his foster family.

Please pray for children like Kevin who are abused. Pray for God to protect, intercede and heal them. Pray also for God’s grace to radically change the lives of abusers and for them to find freedom from sin. Pray, lastly, for the foster parents who step in to parent, care for and love children who have been victims of such terrible abuse.

*Name and details have been changed to protect the child’s privacy. The child pictured above is not an actual foster child but instead represents one of the approximately 400,000 children on any given day that are currently in care.