Why We Give: Calvary Baptist Church Making a Difference in Columbus

Nick Bruner, discipleship pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, shares why he and his wife of nine years, Ashley, entered the story of foster care ministry and why their church has set a $50,000 goal to support bringing FaithBridge to the Chattahoochee Valley area. Nick and Ashley have one little girl and one on the way.

My wife, Ashley, and I recently participated in IMPACT Training for the Department of Family and Children Services in Columbus. We both felt led by God to move down this path to become foster parents. During those training times, the state of foster care in this city and region was made very clear to us. It was heartbreaking to walk into training each week. We would hear the stats, listen to the stories of children and foster parent alike and, some weeks, see children being dropped off to be processed.

As of November 13, there were 524 children in foster care. Muscogee County has 67 families currently approved to foster with 100 beds available. In some cases there are as many as six or seven children in one home, and rarely do sibling groups get to stay together. As a result, there are kids from Columbus in foster homes all over the state of Georgia. This is a crisis in our city and region.

But, one foster family could reach dozens of children and their families with the message of God’s love. It cannot be solved by more bureaucracy, more paperwork or more legislation. Jesus’s church – His people – is the answer. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the cure to this deeply rooted heart issue that affects children and their parents alike.

Think of how much we could do with more than one family! This not only serves children but also can ultimately grow the body of Christ. We want to see children and their families be served in this way and seek reconciliation of parent and child. The ultimate hope is that all would know Jesus Christ as their Savior. We have the opportunity to serve, to change families’ futures and their eternity.

To that end, Calvary Baptist Church has sought to be a part of the initiative as a champion church to bring FaithBridge Foster Care to Columbus. We are committed to love our city for the sake of King Jesus and make disciples that follow Him with their all. We firmly believe that FaithBridge is the means to help Calvary and Jesus’ church in the Chattahoochee Valley area love children and their families with the same love that He so richly bestows upon us.

This year, for Calvary’s annual Christmas offering, we are seeking to raise $50,000. All of this offering will go to FaithBridge in Columbus. This will help establish the office here and hire the personnel needed to start the process of recruiting and training foster families and volunteers. This is a God-sized goal! But, we believe if the families at Calvary step out on faith God will help us to reach it.

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