Meet Ella*

Baby Ella was born into a single-parent household. One day her mother dropped Ella off at her grandmother’s house on her way to work. She never returned to pick her up. Ella’s grandmother didn’t have the financial ability to care for her so she called the local child welfare office. Ella became part of the foster care system when you could count the weeks she was old on one hand.

Ella is a wonderful baby! She eats and sleeps well and is healthy little girl. Her precious little smile is contagious and brings such joy to her everyone she meets.

Her foster parents are over the moon to call her their own. Ella will always be wanted and loved because of Christian families, like her foster parents, who were willing to open their hearts and their home.

Please pray for all the babies who enter care and the foster parents who wake up in the middle of the night for all those feedings and diaper changes, as well as for the little ones to grow up knowing that they are loved.

*Name and details have been changed to protect the child’s privacy. The child pictured above is not an actual foster child but instead represents one of the approximately 400,000 children on any given day that are currently in care.