Meet Charlene*

For Charlene’s parents, it was a struggle to find a safe home and maintain enough income to support a family. Their living situation jeopardized the health of Charlene and her older brother, and as a result, they were placed into foster care.

Church was a major part of Charlene’s life and always made her feel at home, so it was very comforting for Charlene that her foster family felt the same way.

Please pray for the families of children like Charlene. Pray that families can create safe environments for children so they stay out of foster care, and if they are brought into care, pray that they are able to quickly be reunified as a family.

*Name and details have been changed to protect the child’s privacy. The child pictured above is not an actual foster child but instead represents one of the approximately 400,000 children on any given day that are currently in care.