The FaithBridge team is growing!

Might you be the next talented person to join the FaithBridge team?

We’re pretty excited about everyone who starts working here and have been known to use confetti to express our enthusiasm. Here’s a little bit about three open positions that we’d like to highlight.

{Please see our careers page for more information on and to apply for these jobs and others, too!}

  1. Implementation Manager for FaithBridge Group
    The implementation/project manager is responsible for employing the FaithBridge ministry model, including all aspects of managing, supporting and equipping our partners. Read more on our careers page. 
  2. Vice President of Programs for FaithBridge Group
    The vice president of programs will oversee child welfare programs to ensure that they are designed, implemented and operated to maintain state performance standards. Read more on our careers page.
  3.  Practice Manager for FaithBridge Psychological Services
    The practice manager for will oversee and organize all business operations, provide accountability and compliance for all areas of revenue management and EHR optimization. Read more on our careers page.


Thanks to Katie McRee for this post to help us recruit more amazing people. Katie helps FaithBridge communicate more effectively and efficiently as our favorite marketing intern and is completing her degree in the business school at Georgia Tech.