The Challenging Choices in Fostering

The choice to foster is not a flippant one. The paperwork. The training. The visits to your home by caseworkers. People who choose to foster have thought about the implications, done their homework and voluntarily jumped into a complex world.

Once you’re an approved foster parent, the challenging decisions don’t end. Author of the Foster Parent Diary, Meghan Moravic Walbert, recently shared about her family’s struggle when declining the invitation to accept a second foster child into their home on the NY Times Parenting Blog, Motherlode: Living the Family Dynamic in her article, Considering a Second Foster Child.

This challenging choice is clearly not simple and one that many of our foster parents have to make at times. They have a strong desire and call to care for kiddos who are temporarily in need of loving family but cannot say yes to each and every opportunity.

May God continue to bless and guide all of our FaithBridge families who make tough choices each and every day as they foster, seeking to care for and love the children the Lord has given them, both permanently and for a season.