Jenny was scared of the dark…

When siblings enter foster care, sometimes they end up in the same home and sometimes they are placed in separate homes. One FaithBridge family was able to welcome four siblings so one particular group could stay together.

Like so many children, the youngest girl was afraid of the dark and sleeping in her own bed. But unlike many children, Jenny* had experienced trauma in her past that caused these fears to be scarier and make bedtime more of a struggle than for most her age.

However, after being in their new home for a few weeks, a foster family volunteer was babysitting the children and had a sweet conversation with Jenny that reflected change. Jenny revealed that she was no longer afraid of the dark and could sleep in her room all by herself now.

“I was very scared of the dark. I kept having bad dreams. But then my mommy prayed for me. She asked God to take away the bad dreams. And you know what, He did! Now I sleep in my bed, and I’m not scared to be alone in my big-girl bed anymore.”

What a huge victory it was for God to work in this seemingly small way. And what a blessing it was for the foster mother to have played a part in the story that Jesus is writing with Jenny’s life.

*Details have been changed to protect the identity of this child and for his or her privacy.


Guest author Lauren Cline wrote this story about how God is working in the life of a foster child. She is a FaithBridge foster family consultant who advocates for children through prayer and uses the tools God gave her to make a difference in their little lives.