“A New Family with a New Inheritance”

Over the years, FaithBridge has had the privilege of interviewing families who’ve fostered. Read about one family and their experience caring for children who needed a home.


Jacob and Kristen* first became interested in fostering after their small group, affiliated through their church, brought Christmas cheer to a family in need.

“Our small group was able to get together and give clothes, toys, make-up, a karaoke machine and brand new bikes. We also had a sugar cookie decorating party for them. Seeing how excited these girls were to feel like the center of attention made my husband and I wonder how many other children needed to see what a loving, Christian family was like,” shared Kristen.

In making their decision, Jacob and Kristen found FaithBridge. They moved through the process fairly quickly and upon approval, instantly received their first placement.

“This young boy came into our home, introduced himself and immediately became part of our family. We enjoyed pizza together and spent the first evening just getting to know each other. It felt very natural. We were nervous with anticipation leading up to the second he got here. But as soon as he arrived, it was like he was a part of us,” shared Jacob.

They also made accommodations to keep siblings together.

“The sister was not initially placed with us because our sleeping arrangements were not set up for us to have her. We received [her] a month after her brother arrived. We had to do some rearranging by putting our son and the boy in one room so she could have her own room,” said Kristen.

They started this journey with the desire not to do this alone and were humbled by the amount of support received especially during the first few weeks after receiving placement.

“It was…everything from checking in on us to helping us set up appointments and dates,” said Jacob.

They were also amazed at how relationships formed.

Jacob continued, “For me, it was when we were at a bounce house facility with the kids and it was our foster son’s birthday. There was one bounce house we had to ourselves, just him and me. We played, bounced around and tumbled down the slide together. At some point, two other kids joined us to play on the inflatable. After a few a minute or two, I heard him scream as loud as he could, ‘Out of my way! I am playing with my dad!’ Our foster son had the biggest smile on his face. It was a real sweet moment and it meant a lot to me. It showed me how much it meant to him just to have that time together.”

We often say that fostering is simple, but it is not easy. Fostering or even raising your own children can come with challenges and trials. Jacob and Kristen had a similar experience.

“I think the biggest challenge that we came across was that we were not quite prepared to go from one child to three as far as spending time with each other, with your spouse,” Kristen explained. “We are pretty much go, go, go from 6 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. every day with the kids. By the time we find a moment for us, we are just too tired. But we are doing the best that we can to plan dates for the two of us despite our busy schedules.”

Jacob summarizes it quite well…

“You have to let go of your fears because your fears can keep you from doing so many great things. Consider how insignificant the sacrifices are compared to the nurturing that you are giving a child that probably has never received it before. I am reminded that spiritually, I was adopted and brought into the family of God where I am loved on and able to do amazing things in my life because if it. A new family with a new inheritance. It is that overflow of joy that is in my heart that I want to do the same thing for some of the children here on this earth. If you are called to be a parent, be a parent with whatever child you have.”


*Names have been changed for the privacy of the family.