9 Water Game Ideas for Kids


We’ve picked some of our favorites from Kidspot’s Activity Corner and some from our own childhood…so grab some sunscreen and dive into summer with these easy and low-cost ways to splash around, cool off and have fun in the sun!

  1. Seal RacesThis game is easy and entertaining for kids of all ages! Players race across the pool pushing a beach ball only with their noses. This game can also be played as a relay if there are four or more players.
    You’ll need: two beach balls, a swimming pool and two or more players.
  2. H20 LimboThis game is great for a large group of players.  Hold a hose horizontally, blocking part of the nozzle so that the water shoots out in a straight and steady stream. The players will then limbo under the water stream in turns. The last player to remain dry is the winner!
    You’ll need: a garden hose and four or more players.
  3. Water Toy Wash Down: This one can get messy, but it’s fun! Have one player from each pair wear an oversized t-shirt. Cover the t-shirt with shaving cream. The other player from each pair will then use a water toy to wash off all of the shaving cream. The first pair with a clean t-shirt wins!
    You’ll need: one water toy per pair of players, one oversized t-shirt per pair of players, shaving cream and water.
  4. DIY Piñata…with Water BalloonsMake a piñata out of a over-sized water balloon. Ready? Set. Go!
    You’ll need: filled and tied water balloons, string, some place outdoors to hang the water balloons and a stick or whiffle ball bat.
  5. Ping Pong RuckusThis game is essentially a life-size version of “Hungry Hungry Hippos”©…with ping pong balls!
    You’ll need: 12 or more ping pong balls, a swimming pool, two buckets and four or more players
  6. Water Balloon Towel LaunchDivide players into pairs and have them launch water balloons at one another, using only beach towels.
    You’ll need: several filled and tied water balloons, four or more players and a beach towel for every pair of players.
  7. Seahorse Race: Players race on their noodles as if they were riding a “seahorse.” This game can also be played as a relay.
    You’ll need: a swimming pool, a pool noodle for each player and two or more players.
  8. Water Waddle Relay: For this game, players should lineup at one end of the yard and place their water balloon so that they are holding it between their knees. Players will then race to the other end of the yard while keeping the water balloon between their knees. If a player drops their balloon, they must return to the starting line and begin again. Once at the other end of the yard, players will then drop their balloons on the ground and sit on them until they break. The first player to reach the other end of the yard and break their balloon wins.
    You’ll need: a yard, a water balloon for each player and two or more players.
  9. DIY Slip-and-SlideClear a patch of ground with a rake so that there are no debris, twigs, pinecones, rocks, etc. Lay out a large strip of heavy duty plastic. Hose down the plastic with water and add some non-toxic dish soap. Let the fun begin!
    You’ll need: a roll of heavy duty plastic, a water hose, non-toxic dish detergent and a rake.


Thanks to Katie McRee for compiling this fun list! Katie helps FaithBridge communicate more effectively and efficiently as our favorite marketing intern and is completing her degree in the business school at Georgia Tech.