29 Ways to Entertain Kiddos…for $1!

29 Dollar-Store Finds That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer is a creative and thorough list compiled by father of three and parenting editor Mike Sport at BuzzFeed.com and will help you get your biggest bang for your buck! From DIY pool noodle sprinklers to summer snacks, arts and crafts to motivating your children to have fun doing chores…this list has it all!

My favorites:

  1. Make a table lantern using glow sticks, dish detergent and a jar.
  2. Paint a baking sheet with chalkboard paint to make a chalk and magnetic activity board.
  3. Transform a stackable bin into a doll swing.
06.14.15 B 29 Ways to Entertain Your Kids for a Dollar by Katie McRee

Photos from BuzzFeed.com’s original post.

What are your favorite, summer, fun ideas, crafts and games?

Thanks to Katie McRee for sharing this great list for parents! Katie helps FaithBridge communicate more effectively and efficiently as our favorite marketing intern and is completing her degree in the business school at Georgia Tech.