Remember My Story

05.26.15 Removed II Photo 3 of 3Imagine for a moment if someone knocked on the door of your house after work. This someone was a stranger and told you to come with him. You had no choice but to get in his car with only a minute to grab some personal items and no clear explanation of where you were being taken. Your destination would be a new home. One with new people. New things. New rules. New…everything. You’d be expected to go to a new job the following day and have dozens of new appointments added to your calendar with no one asking your permission. There’s a chance you’d see your family, but it would be in short bursts of time and with others present to monitor the conversation. No one would be able to tell you if or when you’d be able to return to the life that you once knew that suddenly seemed so far away.

Unless you were a foster child, it’s difficult to imagine all the emotions and thoughts surrounding the experience of being removed from your home, especially when you might have been too young to understand what was happening and why. Filmmakers Nathanael and Christina Matanick captured the experience in their 2013 short film ReMoved, a story about 10-year-old Zoe when she’s removed from her home and separated from her younger brother, Benaiah.

ReMoved Part Two, Remember My Story, is the sequel to the award-winning short film and the story continues to follow Zoe and Benaiah as an incredibly accurate and realistic portrayal of what it’s like as a child in the foster care system.

FaithBridge would like to invite you to host a viewing of this incredibly powerful film in your home, church or business to learn more about why and how to become involved with foster care ministry. If you’re interested in hosting a facilitated conversation, please click here to sign up and host a meeting or contact Rebecca Timberlake directly for more information at


We’d like to thank Christina for the ReMoved images that she provided for this post.