Why Foster?

We thought we’d let one of our foster families answer the question…

“Throughout the Bible, we are taught to look after the orphans, to defend the weak and fatherless, and rescue the needy. These children did not choose the life they are being forced to live and do not have the power to help themselves. They are the orphans, the weak, the fatherless, and the needy. Therefore, if we have the resources to change their lives, who are we to say no? After much consideration, training and preparation, we simply decided to say ‘yes’ [to becoming foster parents].” Emily Yeager

Children in foster care often move from home to home, month after month, experiencing inconsistent and sporadic care that can have long-term negative side effects for these innocent victims.

In 2015, more than 20,000 young people who were not reunited with their families or placed in permanent homes aged out of the foster care system because they were too old to remain. Statistics show that these youth are less likely than youth in the general population to graduate from high school and less than two percent graduate college. In addition, children in the foster care system in general have a higher risk of delinquency, incarceration, homelessness and other negatives outcomes in their adult lives.

A University of Chicago survey of former foster youth found half unemployed and one-quarter homeless by the time they were in their early 20s.”

But we can change those statistics.

Fostering not only fulfills a Biblical mandate (James 1:27) but can also positively impact lives. When children are placed in loving, stable Christian homes, the whole direction of their lives – and sometimes their biological families lives – can change.

Are you ready to say yes to foster care?

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