A Demo of Available Content Styling

This is Heading 4 text.  Ideal for the opening paragraph to really set the tone for the rest of the page. For ought was but studies if word sitting concept simplest it considerations, the train bit was there being lay them. Front lower on not even of would question.

This is typical paragraph text.  Ideally paragraphs should only be 3-4 sentences long most of the time.  On the web, more breaks are better.  And different my be their not takes the on like the day of hills this, remote than to taken the at my good room any the himself result, an for simplest concise only day hungrier in the because didn’t if river a same didn’t late never were cost.

This is a large, centered image (notice how it extends past the content column to stand out).

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Create a Pull Quote by first setting text as a quote, then right-aligning it.  It will magically float to the right!

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“Full width block quotes are created by using the double quote icon above.  The styling will cause it to fill the center column. If you want to add a new line for the byline…simply hold shift while hitting ‘enter’.”
– Roland Collier

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Heading 2 should be used to separate major sections

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Within Sections, sometimes Heading 3 is a Good Choice

For inline images, right align is usually best. Start with ‘medium’ image and then resize down!

If you are going to add inline photos, consider how the size and shape of them will affect the paragraph block.  It usually looks best when you have at least enough text in the paragraphs to match or exceed the height of the photo, so that the layout doesn’t get weird with the next heading or section.

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You can also add video!

To add video from YouTube or Vimeo, simply paste in the video’s url… you don’t even need any embed code, the site will automatically embed it full width, like so:

For lists, I usually like a bold heading with regular Paragraph style:

  • A of sentences we just
  • Still see his out By
  • On illustrated insurance frequency coast
  • That discovered odd word and
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October 12, 2022UncategorizedNorth Point Community Church has been a FaithBridge church partner since our earliest days. Together we have served more than 286 foster children in FaithBridge foster homes since 2009.  Through the years, North Point’s Fostering Together ministry has developed into a robust program that continues to innovate, advocate, and serve children in foster care and their families in powerful ways.  Susan Phelps leads the ministry for the North Point Community Church campus. She has seen God work in the lives of foster families, the children in their care, their mentors, and other volunteers.  “One memorable moment in 2021 was when the Fostering Together community stepped into action in the spring when a teen in one of our homes needed a laptop for school,” Says Susan. “Her foster parents had not yet told anyone of this need when someone reached out to me to see if there was a foster child who needed a laptop. I thought of the Flowers family, and they were so grateful for the generosity!” God unmistakably orchestrated this moment to show how He provides for all of our needs. As the world started to meet in person again in 2021, Fostering Together developed new resources and efforts to continue to help equip foster parents. They introduced “Fuel,” a monthly in-person gathering intended to encourage, engage, and equip participants in their adoption or foster care journey. They have featured special speakers intended to provide for the needs of foster families in a “COVID world” including a child psychologist and a former DFCS County Office Director.  Their innovation, along with an extensive list of resources including meal programs, mentors, and respite, has made North Point’s Fostering Together a truly successful ministry.  [...] Read more...
September 10, 2021UncategorizedTracey Scholen’s first connection with foster care was through a young woman 15 years ago. Margaret* spent most of her life in the foster care system and had never experienced the love of a forever family. “Even as an adult – she did not have a home to go to for holidays,” says Tracey. “It just broke my heart! I knew then that I wanted to be part of helping foster children and the families who care for them.”  Tracey and her husband, Jeff, explored the process of becoming licensed foster parents when God put that on hold and planted a new desire to be financial contributors. A licensed Realtor®, Tracey saw a connection between helping clients buy and sell homes and doing something to help children in foster care find safe “forever” havens of their own. Out of this vision, The Hāvn Group began. A portion of the Hāvn Group profits goes directly to ministries that actively help foster children and foster families, including FaithBridge Foster Care.  “Our hope for EVERY foster child is to know the unconditional love of Jesus through the unconditional love of a family. We desire every child to feel that their presence matters and that God created them with purpose!”  [...] Read more...
July 23, 2021UncategorizedOver the last several months we’ve been sharing posts with you about our wonderful church partners! See the most recent post here. Today we want to share about the ministry of Glen Haven Baptist Church in McDonough. You can check out their website here. Our support team coordinator, Tammy, shared a personal story with us about fostering through Faithbridge eight years ago. “At that time, there were not any churches to be a part of our support system in Henry County. I think that experience was eye opening for us because you realize how much having support within your church community makes a difference. We were fortunate with family and neighbors that really began to create our own community of care once we started the foster process. Our Faithbridge support and guidance was an amazing experience even during some hard parts of the journey.” Several of our church partnerships have been launched by Faithbridge families who recognized the need in their community. Glen Haven’s ministry was started to support a need in the community but sometimes our church partners launch before the need has been expressed. “At Glen Haven, we believe that foster families are missionaries in their own community, and that churches can be the hands and feet of Christ to many children and families who have no voice.” Says Tammy. They hope to impact and support foster families and children and that the ministry will grow with the same (or more) momentum than they started with as the pandemic dissipates. They encourage other churches to know that offering support is often enough to make those families that are considering fostering take that next step. We hope this inspires you to ask God how you can be involved with a church partner! [...] Read more...