Meet Sherry, Director of Case Management


Sherry Duncan has worked in social services for many years but always felt limited since she couldn’t speak freely to families about Jesus. God brought her to FaithBridge in February 2018 and she’s been sharing His love ever since.

“Trying to solve the complicated family dynamics without God in my prior jobs often felt like our work was a temporary and inadequate solution. The best part of my job is that I get to freely proclaim the love of Jesus Christ while working with families and children in need.”

Sherry started at FaithBridge as a Home Study Manager, responsible for approving all yearly re-evaluations for foster families. In October, she was promoted to Director of Case Management. In this role she supports the work of the Area Managing Directors and Family Consultants as they serve our foster families and advocate for our foster children.

When asked “Why FaithBridge Foster Care?” Sherry responded “God brought me here.  A little over a year ago my husband passed away unexpectantly. At the time we were living in southern CA. I brought my husband home to be laid to rest in Canton, GA, where we grew up. As I traveled back to CA on my own, my heart remained in GA. The next couple of months God’s plan for my life began to take shape. He orchestrated the most amazing combination of events that brought FaithBridge and me together.”

Sherry feels so blessed by how God went before her and had put in place her future and His provisions. “He so eloquently matched my skill set, gifts, and life experience to FaithBridge. To be part of an organization that provides the opportunity for foster children to hear and experience the love of Jesus Christ truly is a gift.”

When asked what the most surprising thing about her job is, Sherry did not hesitate.  “The most surprising part of my job is how stress free and happy our workplace is. Sure, there are moments of difficulty in the office, but when the staff comes together and prays, it’s the best experience ever!”

Her faith intersects with her job on a regular basis. “All I know is that God’s wisdom is far greater than mine, and I do my best to be intentional in trusting Him. When I am dealing with families or staff who are struggling with a complicated situation, we pray. I share scripture with them. I encourage them to seek God first. When decisions are made by the courts or DFACS that are beyond our control, I rest in knowing that God is sovereign. What He allows we do not always understand, but we have to be intentional about trusting in His divine purpose for each of our lives.”

Sherry attends First Baptist Church Woodstock and when she isn’t helping staff and families solve problems or celebrate victories, she can usually be found creating art with her 20-something son, Cole, whom she adopted from Russia when he was 13 months. She also may be at the gym or out with a group of her high school girlfriends who have become her support system since moving back to Georgia. “These ladies bring laughter and love into my life on a regular basis. Girlfriends are the greatest!”